is an internet website dedicated for active dog owners, who really love their four-legged companions. We offer high quality clothing, gadgets for dog owners and accessories. Creating our products we want to offer you exactly what you need when going for a stroll with your dog.

Love for dogs is in our blood. We see them as equal members of our families and try to see to all of their needs. That’s why we created A web-based database and searching engine that highlights dog-friendly places and institutions but also a blog devoted to four-legged friends. We also run pet adoption notice board.

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We know exactly how great you feel when spending time with your pet. We also know how important and positive is the influence it has on your life. Thanks to our products, you can share your love for dogs with others!

First-class fabric and overprint quality
Best quality, authenticity and uniqueness - those are the values that our products offer. Our pullovers are sewn using durable yet soft, pilling-resistant, high quality knit. The overprints will not get washed off - we can assure you that! (read more: CLOTHING)

This is what makes us stand out - your dog’s pawprint!
How about having your dog’s unique pawprint put on all of the products you buy? Yes, this is possible! You only have to send us a scan of your pet’s pawprint (read more in section: CUSTOM PAWPRINT)
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