Your dog’s pawprint on your clothes and gadgets!

You love your dog so much that you want to share it with the whole world? Do you also want to mark its territory at the same time? We are the first to bring a new service to the market: your pet’s pawprints on clothes and accessories. Not some random dog’s paws, but prints of your very own pet!

Did you know that dog’s pawprint are nearly as unique as humans’ fingerprints? Same as a signature of your accounting officer or favourite music star? Now your four-legged companion’s paw can become a unique theme of your T-shirt or favorite mug. That’s right! You can have clothes with your dog’s autograph!

How do we make this unique graphic?

The process of creation of your dog’s logo is as follows:

  1. We send you a special sheet of paper and a tissue soaked in a liquid for dactyloscopy.
  2. Rub the tissue against your pet’s paw to cover it with the liquid.
  3. Take the pawprint by pressing it on the sheet of paper.
  4. Send the sheet back to us.
  5. Next we scan it using high resolution scanner.
  6. We render the scan and convert it to high resolution computer graphic.
  7. Converted scan goes to our database. From now on we can put it for you on all of the offered products.

Why is it worth to invest in your dog’s pawprint?

Once you make the scan of your dog's pawprint we will put it permanently in our database. That means we can put it for you on the entire range of our products. Even those that are not available yet!
In other words, you deliver the print once but can order multiple products with that theme. Same goes for the products that will become available later!